Cell Phone GPS Tracking Apps There are many Free Cell Phone GPS Tracking App software applications available on the Internet that claim to effectively track a GPS handset, so that you would be able to know the location of the target cell phone on this earth and the activities done by it. However, far from truth, the freeware tracking apps are bogus software programs which have many bugs and loopholes. Many of them are laced with virus and Trojan worms.

The useful GPS-tracking feature once installed in your cell phone would pick satellite signals intercepted by the target cell phone’s Global Positioning Systems (GPS) chip.

Identify the Correct GPS Mobile Tracking Tool – To spot the right GPS locator for mobile handset, make sure you analyse the following points:

• Compatibility factor of the target cell phone as well as your handset — Your handset should accept GPS signals and the target cell phone should have a powerful GPS chip to allow tracking.

• Top useful tracking features of GPS-enabled cell phone locator – A handy tracking tool should specify a cell phone’s exact position in latitude and longitude after analysing the geo-fenced areas. The locator should also provide results in:

o Real time

o 3D online moving maps

o Alerts or text messages as soon as the mobile handset leaves a geo-fenced area

• Valid license key – Once you buy a software application you would get a valid license key to download an efficient GPS tracker.

A highly recommended step by step guide would point out the glitches of using a freeware locating tool and help you buy a legal tracking utility instead.

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Cell phone tracking apps have evloved into powerful mobile phone monitoring tools.  If you want to track the exact GPS location of any cell phone all you need to do is download a cell phone tracker app.

You must make sure that the cell phone tracking app is compatible with the phone you want to track.  There are Android Tracking Apps, iPhone Tracker Apps, Nokia Tracking Apps and even Samsung Tracking Apps.  

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